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Alumni Spotlight

Joe Tijerina

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Joe Tijerina is an honored 2003 Alumni of Ropes ISD.


Joe is currently the President of My Computer Repair Clinic (CRC), a company that repairs mobile devices such as smart phones, PC/MACs, and tablets. He also works as a Network Analyst in downtown Houston.


Joe is a graduate of Texas Tech University with a Bachelor’s in University Studies with a concentration in Computer Science and Architecture. He has an Associate’s degree in Science from South Plains College.


Before Joe pursued the dream of a higher education, he made a selfless promise to protect our country by entering into a four-year contract with the armed forces.


As a former United States Marine, Joe sustained accountability of over $10 million in confidential field communication equipment while deployed overseas. Joe was proudly deployed for two tours in Iraq where he obtained numerous medals for outstanding accomplishment.


Joe has worked as a Technology Director where he provided support for both Windows and Macintosh platforms. He developed and revised statements of work, which includes accurate time and cost estimates.


For recreation, Joe loves to design and develop user-friendly websites, including optimized book-online pages that increase user click-ability, and ultimately sales revenue.


Joe is a devoted husband and hopes to one day start a small family and share his experiences with his children and extended family.

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