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Amy Yocom

College Testing Coordinator:
SAT School Day and TSIA 2.0 Testing

Ropes Counselor's Website

The district has implemented programs to address the following mental health, behavioral health, and substance abuse concerns: 

 • Mental health promotion and early intervention; 

 • Building skills to manage emotions, establish and maintain positive relationships, and engage in responsible decision-making; 

 • Substance abuse prevention and intervention; 

 • Suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention (interventions after a suicide in a community); 

 • Grief, trauma, and trauma-informed care; 

 • Positive behavior interventions and supports; 

 • Positive youth development; and 

 • Safe, supportive, and positive school climates.


If a student has been hospitalized or placed in residential treatment for a mental health condition or substance abuse, the district has procedures to support the student’s return to school. 

Please contact Amy Yocom at if you would like more information on our programs.

Physical & Mental Health Resources:

Parents & students in need of assistance with physical and mental health concerns may contact the following campus and community resources:

*District Full-time Nurse-WenDee Rhoades (806) 562-4031

*District Full-time Counselor-Amy Yocom (806) 562-2608

*The local public health authority-Texas Department of Health Services (806) 744-3577

*The local mental health authority-StarCare (806) 766-0310

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