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Ropes Elementary

Principal:  Dr. Danny McNabb

Ropes Elementary School serves students from Pre-K through Grade 5. Our students have access to a curriculum that supports their natural curiosity and encourages active student involvement. Teachers utilize a variety of instructional strategies and tutoring programs to promote success for all students. Every classroom has either a Promethean Board or an Interactive Projector. Each teacher is equipped with an iPad and a personal computer to enhance their teaching.  In addition to regular classroom instruction, we provide services in ESL/ELL, Special Education, Dyslexia, 504, and Gifted & Talented.
Our students participate in UIL Competition, Science Fair, Band, 4-H, and Junior FFA. They also have the opportunity to participate in sports programs such as soccer, baseball, and Little Dribblers Basketball.
Ropes Elementary strives to provide our students with a quality education from a “caring & safe school environment.” We believe the cumulative effort of our students, teachers, and parents will provide our students with the opportunity to excel and achieve their fullest potential.