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Ropes Elementary

Principal:  Dr. Danny McNabb

Ropes Elementary School serves students from Pre-K through Grade 4. Our students have access to a curriculum that supports their natural curiosity and encourages active student involvement. Teachers utilize a variety of instructional strategies and tutoring programs to promote success for all students. Every classroom has either a Promethean Board or an Interactive Projector. Each teacher is equipped with an iPad and a personal computer to enhance their teaching.  In addition to regular classroom instruction, we provide services in ESL/ELL, Special Education, Dyslexia, 504, and Gifted & Talented.
Our students participate in UIL Competition, Science Fair, Band, 4-H, and Junior FFA. They also have the opportunity to participate in sports programs such as soccer, baseball, and Little Dribblers Basketball.
Ropes Elementary strives to provide our students with a quality education from a “caring & safe school environment.” We believe the cumulative effort of our students, teachers, and parents will provide our students with the opportunity to excel and achieve their fullest potential.

1st Grade Rocketry Class

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